IMD654-7 Grecian chess set ``TROY`` (without board)




IMD654-7 Grecian chess set ``TROY`` (with a board)


This chess set ``Troy`` is very easy to pour. Set consist of four molds - IMD654 Pawns; IMD655 King, Queen; IMD656 Bishop, Knight, Rook; IMD657 Side Rail. It uses same ceramic board (IMD640) as other IMD chess sets. That helps you to avoid buying new board each time you make a new chess set. IMD640 is a one time investment and will pay for itself very fast, mostly if you have other IMD chess sets Please notice: this price does not include an IMD640 board mold. If you don’t have a “Chess set board” mold yet - please click “back” button and choose name “IMD654-7 Grecian chess set ``TROY`` (with the board)”.