IMD-933G Sm. Rectangular Bowl/Dish (From the set of 3)




Sm. Rectangular Bowl/Dish (From the set of 3)


This mold designed for slumping glass. Outline can be easily traced on piece of glass. Easy to work with. This is a part of a larger set of 3 nesting dishes designed to fit into each other. Complete set consist of: IMD-931G LG. Rectangular Dish, IMD-932G Med. Rectangular Dish; and IMD-933G Sm. LG. Rectangular Dish/bowl. For Complete set please check category . Mold made of ceramic and designed to fuse glass. Our high quality slumping molds are slip-cast from specially formulated clay, and have a very smooth surface, accept kiln-wash uniformly and do not crack under repeated use when handled correctly. Mold size 5 x 4 1/4 x 2.